Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Live FREE and prosper

Today I saw this on Democratic Peace. Greater freedom ==> Faster Economic development ==> lower poverty. And very good point about world bank trying to lending on education etc. Instead of the easy way (lending money), it should be done the right way (freedom to the people so they can choose the best people for the job).

In the feudal world, people depend on luck. If their leader is a good one (Queen Victoria - British, King Frederic who provided his son's palace as a college), they get good education and free economy, If their leader is bad (too many), they are either stuck or have to revolt.

It is amazing that hundreds of years after the French revolution, there are still so many un-free places.


michael said...

Wait, are you somehow suggesting that the French Revolution was an instrument of freedom?

Wow Panda said...

It is, here is an interesting post:


The only problem is the revolution went into a frenzy that is similar to most socialist revolutions and failed (But at least the people are still free to ask "get a king to kick us so we won't go nuts")