Monday, January 21, 2008

I think I love my wife

Yesterday me and my wife decided to get some movie. One is Harry Potter, the other is [I think I love my wife], is a light comedy by Chris Rock. My wife loves comedies and this one turn out to be very good! Now Chris Rock is one of my acceptable directors :-)

I will not go through the details (no spoilers), just want to say it is a good movie for married man. Some scene is not suitable for kids, so it is not a true family movie. Very good directing and script. It took over 4 years of script re-writing, so the script is much better than some of those over budgeted action basters.

From the commentaries, the inspiration is from a 1969 French drama called "A call in the afternoon". They de-Frenched it and made it a great comedy. I just have to congrats them for a job well done!

From yahoo (, it is only a C/C+ rating though. My rating? A!

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