Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fixes and worms

Yesterday I did a new release, add the ability in define action statements to pass a javascript string to wowApproach. The string can be a function, if returns false, the approach is aborted.

This is used to abort the initial approach of a mob. For example if you are a warrior, you must approach the mob to range before you can fight. But in the mean time if mob is tagged by another player, you need to abort the fight.
While doing that some minor loot and print problems are also fixed.

And today I found a strange issue. My new release is classified as a worm (feeds) by eSafe when I did a virus total scan.
After break everything apart, individually scanned all exes and later txt files, I found it is the AVBot.txt that is causing the problem.
Still not sure what triggered it (only eSafe reported it among 32 scanners), so I am going to assume it is a eSafe problem.

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