Thursday, August 25, 2011

Source Code

Rented Source Code and have some buddies over and watched together (yes I am cheap and use redbox), feels like the good days back in college :-)

It is a good movie, good ideas (impossible in real life though) and I like the ending, although I think if the ending is 1 minutes early it will be a more artistic ending.

Very similar to Inception, but I would think Inception is more physically possible.

After the movie are some discussions on physics and string theory. I heard about string theory before but imagined the 12 dimension thing is totally crap. But after yesterday's discussion it sounds a bit plausible, acutely like the idea that all 5 different modules are just the 5 projections from the 12 dimension final theory (Still think it is more close to crap though, epically CERN didn't find the practical).

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