Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Got Starcraft II (Update)

Install Starcraft II at places where you can't control firewall is not a good idea, but at my home it went very well. I got windows 7 64bit, and because I have to AFK from time to time, I didn't even notice the patch download. When I came back to the computer, Starcraft II was already playable.

This is my first impressions. First, the graphics is very good. Sound quality is very good as well, love the music (will be better if they mix in the original sound tracks from Starcraft I). I only played a short time, and the cut senses are pretty good in general (but some are not movies, look like real time 3D generation and needs some anti-aliasing, it could be my graphics card, which is ATI5770, with everything on ultra).

Another thing is, it looks like every time I start the game, I have to logon to What if my internet provider went down (which happened several times)? Have not tried to play without internet yet.

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