Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Power of the court

Just read this interesting piece. It's about the ruling of the Florida recount for 2000 election.

The US legal system is the best of the world, yet it has its short comings. The supreme Court Judges has the power to interpret the constitution and law, and the power is almost big enough to create laws.

Originally the court is the weakest of the 3 branches, even worrying about been a laughing stock. But as the country stabilizes and became a country of law, the court's power now over shadow other branches.

I think a best remedy might be, instead of making supreme court judges life time, making their term twice as long as elected officials and they can only be changed by an official appointment followed by a vote from both house and senate with a 60% majority.

The reason is simple. You can't just leave them there without bounds, because they have the power to define their bounds. The current situation is, the justices are life royalties, the only differences are that they can only act passively.

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