Thursday, May 7, 2009

God and Evolution

Two days ago I had a lengthy discussion with one of my co-workers on Evolution. It stars with the Hornet vs Bee issue. He think it is evaluation and I think it is designed.

Neither of us are able to convince the other, with he firmly believe that evaluation is the answer of every thing, and I can't be convinced that something can evolved to an egg then chicken. I do believe that simple elements can evolve to DNA strings, and strings can form cells and complex organisms, but use that to explain Chicken/Egg is impossible.

I think I can find a compromise to this. We could say that during the evolution process, some intelligent beings come to existence and they in turn designed a lot of the stuff that can't be explained by evaluation, i.e chicken/egg thing. The leap there is just as great as the creation leap.

However, it still doesn't explain how intelligence is formed. I don't believe we can design artificial intelligence. All our random numbers in computers are fake, so there is actually no true randomness. But I think intelligence requires true randomness (Of course randomness doesn't explain feelings, but I will assume feelings can be emulated).

So my assumption is, there are a finite set of things in this universe that are truly random, and they tends to attach to living organisms. Those things are the origin of real intelligence.

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