Friday, April 17, 2009


Just found that I forget to remove the downloads from my OLD downloads section. That section is where I put the zoloFighter for old versions. I stumped there today and found the links are still working (and possibly the offsets are still working too). I will need to remember to remove them when I got home this noon, else the blizzard guys might think that I try to cheat them.

This is the problem when you have done something for over 2 years, you got stuff every where (kind of like when I do updates to offsets, keep forgetting to update some of them).

And another note, Pirate Bay went down. It is not good to pirate, but it will be bad to all of us too. Someone could post a pirate link as a comment on one of my old blog entries, I will never found that out and I could be fined!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for create Zolofighter. It was a great application.

Samsung said...

so.. did the lawyer stop bugging you. and drop action now taht you stopped?

now i have to go back to doing dailies.. what a stupid way to waste ur time.

anyway. thx for the past year or so.

jasa bersihkan virus said...

i am keep the old version
because i still to use old version 2.4.3
thanks for share.

i am imagine what is offset server....?