Thursday, April 2, 2009

Change of heart

If you read my blog, you know I fiercely oppose socialized health care. I believe it will drive up our taxes and make long queues at hospitals.

I had a change of heart today after our company again changed health care providers, and I have to fill in all of the non-senses and stuff that I don't understand, and have no interest in what so ever.

So if we do have socialized health care, the pros will be we don't need to worry about health care ever. The cons will be the tax will be up, and for big surgery, you have to wait, because government provided cares will never be as flexible as one driven by market.

However, given the current situation, this might not be bad.

First of all, even though I don't believe in global warming any more, I do believe we need to conserve energy, and we need to fight pollutions. And I believe the earth is over populated. So anything that could reduce human population is potentially a good thing (even war). With socialized health care, more and more people will realize that.

Second, as the case in Canada shows, even under socialized health care, there will be private providers and for people who work hard, they can pay the private sector to get treatment.

So basically the system could provide both convenience and flexibility. Of course since we human beings are so short sighted I could be wrong, the government could over tax us to death to provide health care, but I am not the one to decide.

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