Monday, March 16, 2009

My tax return is killing me

I have been very busy recently, preparing a demo for our company has put me and another engineer almost 10 hours a day. But nothing compare to the burden of tax preparation. Every year is a struggle. Because it is a once a year event, I keep forgetting what did I do last year, where to send everything.

I used to make mistakes every year, even when I was working as a student assistant in my university, with my tiny pay check, I send more to IRS than I should. Never realized that till later. That is fine, at least I am not as confused as I am now.

The US tax code is became so complicated, even Tim Geithner, current US Secretary of the Treasury, made mistakes. That is one of the reasons I support the Fair Tax so much, it will hugely simplify our tax returns, and put US products much more competitive to others.

The only good part of all this tax trouble? I have a reason to stay in front of the computer now. One one monitor I am doing tax, the other runs WOW :-) Can't wait till StarCraft II come out.

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