Friday, March 6, 2009

Can't argue with some people

Recently I had an discussion on the forge, seems that me and Matt can't agree on if the supreme court is too powerful and need to be abolished.

After a while I realized none of us is going to win each other over, and while I was thinking how to end this, the word of "hate", "redneck", "backward" start flying and that was it.

Now he deleted my last post. So here is again.

I don't hate the foundation of America (not sure how he get that). I am simply stating that the court in its current state is way overpowered since Marshall first give it the power to interpret the constitution. The supreme court has became the new aristocrat class of modern times, once there you can server life long without ever worrying about been fired.

And to his statements about slavery. The court didn't do anything on slavery. It took a war, many life and the incredible productivity of the free capitalist system to abolish.

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