Thursday, December 18, 2008

Need help from Blizzard

At current rate I might need to suspend the bot and WOW soon. My wife is getting more and more angry over my playing WOW. This afternoon after I get home, I spent about 5 minutes to res my baby and she got unhappy. I don't want to get upset over those tiny things any more, very annoying.

I remember the days of Diablo II, when me and my wife both play, she never complained me playing too much. One big reason is she likes to combine the diamonds, skulls etc, but she hate the 3d interface.

I wonder if Blizzard could give the people who hate 3d interface a fixed 3d view (i.e like in Diablo), and make tailoring/jewelcrafting more interesting, create complex patterns that combines different outputs into dazzling dresses.

Of course that is only my dream.


Thrillseeker said...

Uhm, are you serious? Would be too bad if you stopped playing because of your wife.

Even in a married relationship both should be able to have their own niche...

Wow Panda said...

I got a finished script.js and still not able to package it up and make a official release in several days.

When you don't smoke/drink/gamble/have affairs, any tiny flaw in you will became so big :-(

I can still post blog, at work when I am not busy. Too bad we have a firewall here prevent me from playing, and I don't trust proxies for security.

Bastian said...

Hoppefully things wil get better, after all zolo is great for playing less hours in wow right :)?

Wow Panda said...

Well, even I check on the bot for a minute and wife will think it is annoying. I guess what her have in mind is for me to shutdown the computer and make it a dust gatherer.

Bastian said...

Hmm strange :( Everybody should be allowed to sit on the computer atleast 1 hour a day :O Thats nothing compared to 24 hours that a whole day got :O