Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ban panhandling

Pan-Handing, also called begging is bad. Here is a quote from the above link:

"According to studies, giving money to panhandlers does not help those in need because:

  • Cash given to panhandlers will most likely be used to buy alcohol or drugs.
  • Most panhandlers are NOT homeless.
  • For some, panhandling is a profession and at times, studies show, a lucrative one.
  • Homelessness is not the problem for truly needy panhandlers, but rather a symptom of underlying problems. They need help, not handouts."

Well, but I am not talking about the panhandlers in downtown this time. It is the big three auto CEOs. They are asking for billions of tax payer dollars. The same principles applying to panhandlers in your downtown also applies to them! They flew to DC in their private jets, that alone shows how much they care.

The Big Three has bad Union contracts, pays average about $80/hour while other foreign car makers who also have factories in US only pays half of that. Their management don't care about cash either, check out their jets and how careless they spent money. I won't be surprised that they have a safety nest of money waiting for them even when their company tanks. Delta CEOs did that.

And just look at how Delta at its bankruptcy. That was not bad at all.

Let them bankrupt, get ride of the fat CEOs and Union contracts. Give the taxpayers a break.

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