Monday, March 24, 2008

Time spent on supporting zoloFighter

Recently I noticed that now more and more time are spent on supporting the bot instead of personal fun.

So before when the bot is not so popular, I used to bot and watch TV. Now from time to time I have to answer emails, answer questions on different forums (including mine). And more and more people asks me to add them to msn.

That is just a bit NO-NO. If I ever do that then this charity project will became a full time job. At least now I can still choose to answer the questions on my spare time.

Anyway for all new bot users, before you submit a question, please check out my forums first, your question are most likely already been answered. And if you do have a different question, please submit detailed information. Nothing annoys more than "hi man my bot is not working can you help" etc. The excitement of "Oh I got a new user!" has long passed ....

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