Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My imap server still has some problems with Outlook express, and was not fixed in the previous release.

What happened is Outlook express keeps saying it didn't poll some folders, while I can see the emails and all other operations is OK. It is very annoying.

Some digs and I found if I set version to IMAPV4rev1, OE will not give me those non-sense. However there are extra parsing that I need to do, especially the Envelope info. Which I think is a big waste of time.

After the implementation, the messages start to show up as "Not available on server". Found out in the return, instead of BODY[], I just said BODY, and the client doesn't like that much.

Anyway, I have finally got a good IMAP server that can store/receive my mails correctly. And the emails are all stored in a easy to recover way (as individual files), so if I ever need to reformat my server, I know where to back up and restore.

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