Saturday, September 8, 2012


Recently I updated to windows 8, and a problem surfaced again. Have to find my old Microsoft Money CD and install it. The money file was some how corrupted and almost give me an heart attack. So I decided to start (again) implement my own financial software. There is a product called linqpad that a co-worker at my new company showed me, and I wanted to do something similar :-) The linq part is actually easy, just use the code providers by MS and it is done. However it is the auto complete feature that I am having a lot of trouble with. So after some search I found Sharp Develop. It already has it. Last week I spend a couple of hours (spread cross different nights) try to get the code completion part out. I got sick yesterday and despite the huge headache, it give me enough time to make it working (kind of) outside Sharp Develop. And today when I got some free time and tried to integrate the parts from Sharp Develop to MoneyLinq, found auto complete is still not working for customized types inside lambda expressions..... So back to debug again, hopefully I can make it work before wife gets angry (and WOT 8.0 beta is out, got to try it out as well).

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