Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ferdinand

Finally I unlocked Ferdinand, a Tank Destroyer I have been waiting for sometime now. The road to Ferdinand is a bumpy one, with a great MarderII, followed by not so good Hetzer, and later on the great StugIII, followed by the huge disappointment of Jagd4, then a not so good JagdPanther (both of them with paper armor that can't survive well). Now finally the Ferdinand, a TD with some armor :-) The World of Tank balance system is rather bad now. The german Heavies used to be the best, but after some "adjustments", has became the worst, with other nations guns easily able to pen the armor, the only german advantage of armor is gone. Now Maus is just a slow heavy ball of clay. The German Tank Destroyer however is still good compare to USSR. The Russian Tank Destroyers are just bad, with both ISU152 and Object with paper armor that can't survive in cities. Why WOT need to make some tanks that are just bad?


Tony Kiviniemi said...
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