Monday, April 9, 2012

Some interesting historical stuff

I was reading some thing on the internet and keep on going off to different directions, before I know it I was deep in naval warfare and guns. Here are some interesting stuff I found out. 1. Because guns are heavy, they have to put them low in the ship, and because it is impossible to drill holes on flanks, they have to put guns on decks. Some big war ships have as many as 3 decks. 2. Naval guns are very inaccurate, so they have to be fired in close range and in big numbers. 3. Ship can be racked, which is if a cannon ball landed from head to toe instead of side to side. Racking can be really bad for a ship, because the ball travel through the entire ship and cause huge damage/death. 4. All guns will try to fire at the same time to reduce the change one gun's fire ignite other gun's powers.

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