Saturday, January 22, 2011

I fixed my own f1.4 EF 50mm!!!!!

Yes, this is a great day for me!!!

The lens that I loved most, the Canon f1.4, recently got stuck. I had it for 2 years now and I loved it, sharp images, fast shutter even when inside homes. Great for kids, and great for people like me who don't like flash.

And yet for several month now, the AF system only able to auto focus at one direction. And a week ago it finally got totally stuck, I can't adjust focus manfully.

Went online, and other people are complain about the same thing. The Canon f1.4 lens has a weak point, the front. If you push it too hard it could get stuck.

I was heart broken on this. The lens is expensive, and when it gone bad and I have to go back the the default lens, the difference is too big to accept.

Finally I went online and did some research, found this and this.

Initially I doubted my ability to fix the lens, but decided to give it a try. After about 1.5 hours, I finally did it!! Followed the second link, and the instructions are great!!! Some of the instructions I didn't understand initially, but I figured everything out with some practice.
Thanks to those authors.

Step 3, pop ears on he plastic protection piece in the mount was the hardest, what you need to do is push the ears toward the center and push the inner plastic ring outward at the same time.
I also had trouble removing the wires, pushed on the wrong piece lol.

Anyway, I am very very happy about this. Every since I decided to really believe in God, I have encountered multiple difficulties. First my old company started laying off and salary cuts, then the lens. But all was resolved in surprising manners. A recruiter called me and land me a better job, and now a quick fix and I am happy in multiple fronts!

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