Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New obfuscator almost working now

Yep, after I developed my last obfuscator, which uses .Net's emit functionality, I decided to create a new one, parsing and constructing the .net assemblies myself.

The reason is simple. The emit functions has 2 drawbacks. First, there is no way to specify a catch or finally block is tiny or fat, and no way to let them not generate a leave command automatically. That increase the code size dramatically. Second, it automatically adds the framework reference in the assembly, so if it is a silverlight assembly, it will became a .net assembly, and requires a extra ildasm/ilasm to fix it.

The parsing was easy, obfuscating is much easier too, the reconstructing of the .net assembly is HARD!! I have to spend all my free time (which is tinny, often less than an hour a day) on it, and two days early I thought I got it, till I encounter a big file and the obfucsator was able to shrink it a lot. It just won't load. Turned out there are many small places where ECMA335 didn't specify, and I had to try it out.

Now all that is left is polish.... Which will be slow and boring.

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