Monday, November 23, 2009

More rant on windows 7

Just found out Microsoft has taken more stuff out of windows 7.

This Sunday I finally found some time to dig into the next step of my invention. I had great success but at one point, I have to write a new utility because some functionality that existed in XP doesn't exists any more. And I need a hex viewer to debug the new tool I am writing.

Then I found debug.exe is gone!! I haven't used debug for ages but from time to time I used it as a hex viewer to peak file formats. I don't want to write a hex editor again, so I have to use one of my XP machines to do that....

yet I like windows 7, it feels pretty good. It is the first time I actually added utilities on my desktop (weather and CPU meter). With 6GB of ram my computer runs fast :-)

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