Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally finished my patent process!

Yep! And that was a lot of hard work. Originally I thought I will do it on Oct 9th, but I was so confused about the process it is very obvious to me that is not possible early that day.

After 2 days of reading about the patent process, I finally got a hand on it. Today while I was doing a patent search again (to complete the pre-exam), I found another guy doing the same thing!! The good thing is we are using almost totally different methods, and I think mine is better :-) He did his patent back in 2006, and just got it granted this year.

The lessons learned is:

1. Don't do you patent apply process last. Do it while you are preparing your invention.

2. You don't need to do a patent search early on. If you do that, not only you might not doing your research, you might be influenced by the other guy and can't jump out of his bound.

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