Wednesday, September 16, 2009

$3000 a month for shelter?

This story on drudge caught my eye:

Each person in homeless shelter cost $3000 a month. I remember when I was at school, I worked an entire summer (3 month) in a restaurant, got about $3000, and that paid my tuition, rent and food for almost a year (but I was lucky, paying in-state and live in a part of a tiny house that rented $60 a month, while others have to live apartments several times higher than that). I miss that $60 a month rent, the place is tiny, just enough for 1 bed and a table, and has a shared bath room, but so many fun memories....

Even now, $3000 can pay my mortgage, all the monthly expense and I could live comfortably and save some (even if I have to pay tax on the $3000).

This is just strange. Boston (where the news is from) can save a lot by just giving the homeless $1500 each, they should be able to find cheap apartments and take care of themselves. Or even better, give me $3000 and I could take in 3 homeless and provide them food and shelter.

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