Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blizzard is going to get us with 3.0.9

I know this day would come, but never thought so soon.

This morning I did a routine check on WOW, never thought there could be an update because 3.0.8 was just out last week (or something like that).

And there is a patch. Again was not patchable with guest account.
So I patched it on my other computer.

Before go to work I went to check the computer. There is the line about device driver installed reboot required!! What driver??!!

As many of you know, I pioneered the guest account mode to give zoloFighter the best security one can find. But now they have a device driver running in parallel, while WOW can't do anything, the driver are not restricted.

So unless the user know what to do (i.e. make sure he patch and play on different OS installation), he will be caught.

So I have no choice but to disable the bot for now, and confirm with users one by one to make sure they know what to do. I barely had enough time to disable bot, but have not update the website and remove the donation button yet.

Again, I am sure next time, blizzard will REQUIRE the "supervisor" driver to be running to run WOW. At that time we will be really messed :-(


Ronald Prague said...

I'm not sure whatever was installed was a part of the blizzard package. There was nothing installed on my machine along with the patch, I wasn't asked to reboot. There's nothing in the system logs at all right now, and launching wow doesn't show any new process running beyond wow.exe in the task list.

Wow Panda said...

Yep I got home and started checking and there is nothing related to blizzard. However since I haven't used that computer for a while, a windows update come through. I think I was rebooted on that one.

I have re-enabled fighter, but strongly adviced not to use it till I can reinstall again and watch it this time.

Jared and Liam Craig said...


My name is Jared I would really like to buy your bot... but I have been unable to make it work. I ould be more than wlling tp pay for a working bot so if you are able to help me let me know!