Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wife is unhappy again

I haven't played much recently. Yesterday I spend about 2 minutes to check my toon and wife got very upset. Yes she just come back from a business trip, but I already spent time with her in the airport and in the car. Maybe she started counting when I was changing cloth.

This is so sad. I have to work till 8 yesterday and can't spend 2 minutes just to res my toon?


Thrillseeker said...


Is the marriage worth it?

Wow Panda said...

Overall yes. I am a person that has almost no self control, so without my wife I might already be dead at this point.

And there are worse examples, one of my good friend constantly come to my house to borrow a bed, just to avoid the fight with his wife.

Anonymous said...

Not married myself, but I have a gf that has no idea about PCs, WoW etc. Long story short, she had a huge problem with the time I spend in front of my monitor ...

My solution: talk to her. Explain that this is your hobby (she must have one too, right?) and come to an agreement on how much time is acceptable for her and you to spend with your hobbies. Stick to that agreement! And while you talk, do it calmly ... always helps :)