Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two Years of ZoloFighter

Just noticed I have zolo fighter released to public for 2 years now! From my own fighter history, fighter was released to public 2 years ago. I used it for myself for a while too. This is amazing. I remember when I first created the bot, I have to add way points one by one, it won't loot either. I was happy to have something just to kill the mob.

Now the bot is totally different than the old one, with all the security, javascript, Orbiter pathing.

Here are some statics that might be of interest:
Total number of different IP addresses that used the bot: 20000+
Total number of users that has paid: 300+
Total number of payments: 400+

Total $ amount I got in my paypal account: $200+ (because paypal take about 40% out of the dollar).

And because every year I just use the total dollar amount as my income from the bot, I am paying duplicated taxes on those (each year I will pay tax on the total amount, because I don't have time to deduct the amount that I already paid tax on from previous years, not much either). All income is donated of course, so this is just a money loser.

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