Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RIAA stupidity

Check out this link

RIAA is messing with the couple again. This time because they formatted their harddrive.

Not too long ago I format my hard drive almost weekly at any sign of computer slow down. Now I don't do that as often, but I am going to erase another of my computer clean and install vista on it (My server is gone bad, and need to be transferred).

I have bought 4 copies of XP and my constant installing of windows on my 3 computers has forced me to call Microsoft evertime I reinstall windows (because I can't remember which copy of windows XP is installed on which computer). So many re-formats must meant that I have tones of MP3s on my computer by RIAA standards.

Too bad I don't listen to music (I had some CDs but they are rotting in my car), don't have time to watch much Movies on my digital channels either. Every day after work and all the other junk I don't have much time for anything. Maybe I should stop complaining about RIAA and get a life pronto :-)

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