Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can finally have a break now.

The entire last week was spent on making the bot easier to use. The bot is fairly stable now, and AV ability has been added, and users can now customize all aspects of the bot with javascript. That leaves the only thing for me to do, is making the bot easier. Config utility has been totally re-write, now it can be invoked by one click on the "Config" button, and your current selected bindings file will be edited.

So this week will be my relax week :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey mate I am a HUGE fan of your bot, but Im having some small problems with it, and Im sure u could help me in just a few minutes. Would you mind just adding me to MSN please? Or you could email me your email and we could speak like that. Anyways, my email/MSN is:

Please reply to me or the best of course, add me to MSN :) thank you, your bot OWNS! :)

Wow Panda said...

Don't post your email like that. I can't edit it out either :-(

Anyway, I will send you an email after I got home. Sorry no msn, my msn is linked to WOW so if some how it is leaked Blizzard will ban me immediately. If you want quicker responses, post to phpBB forum
and I check that one much often.